Tree Trimming & Pruning

Beautiful, Healthy Trees that complement Your Home

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape calls for a proactive approach to tree management. Keeping trees trimmed is not only helpful to reduce the risk of limbs falling and causing home damage and injury, but it also improves the health of the tree. Healthy trees are stronger trees, able to resist disease and less prone to insect infestation. 

You can extend the life of your tree with regular maintenance that keeps them from becoming hazard trees that need to be removed later. In the long term, this approach saves you money, improves home value and curb appeal as you retain desired, beautiful trees.


Opportunities for Tree Trimming and Pruning

Thinning tree canopies. Thinning can also be a technique to allow more sunlight in your yard or to solar panels. This is also a helpful technique for reducing the wind load of trees that are prone to fall in a storm.

Raising the ceiling of the yard. Need to make your yard feel larger? Trimming back the canopy increases the height of the “ceiling” of your yard and can add a lot of vertical space.

Removing dead wood. Dead wood and branches in trees attracts disease and pests to the tree which can ultimately cause death. They are also at risk for sudden limb drops causing damage, injury or death.

Safety. Hazardous limbs vulnerable to break in the next wind storm or hurricane should be addressed immediately to prevent an accident.

Improving tree health. Trimming and pruning trees are a great approaches to increasing tree health by concentrating the tree’s nutrients. It reduces the volume of unnecessary “sucker limbs” that consume vital sugars that can be redirected to strengthen other structural limbs and the trunk.

Clearance from the home. Limbs should not touch your home or hang over the roof. They invite pests to your house, excessive leaf drop, and always present the risk of damage in a limb break.

Aesthetic improvements. Ugly trees? Selective trimming can make your trees balanced and even looking, which boost curb appeal and makes your yard look great!

Arborist climbing pine tree to trim branches - Marieetta, GA

What does the tree trimming process look like?

During the consultative process we will identify potential hazard limbs from the ground. Once we climb the tree and have a closer look at the wood, we will address any issues any other limbs that may also pose a risk to the homeowner.

Outfitted with safety gear, harnesses, and a chain saw, our expeerienced arborist will climb the tree and utilize rigging to cut and lower limbs to the ground by rope. In some cases, heavier equipment or a crane may be brought in if the limbs are perilously positioned.

Limbs and branches are chipped onsite, and the chips are hauled away for recycling. If you’d like, you are welcome to keep wood chips for your own personal use.

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Pricing for Tree Trimming and Pruning starts at $1,200 and is subject to the scope of work and site conditions.

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