Tree Removal


Dead and dying trees need to be removed to prevent a sudden tree fall, damage to your home, and possibly costly repairs to your property.  Our team is capable of removing any type or size of tree with safety and efficiency paramount. We take out time and proceed with caution and protective measures to ensure your property is not damaged during tree cutting or felling.

Home damage from dead trees is usually not covered by insurance. The worst situation that you can put yourself in is to be liable for preventable damage from an obviously dead tree that was not properly serviced. If the tree should fall, you will likely have to move out of the house while also being on the hook for all the expensive costs associated with repair.

Before the next storm hits, have our experienced tree experts assess any questionable trees near your house.

When to have a trees removed

  • Dead tree in close proximity to or hanging over your house
  • Tree roots impacting your foundation, driveway, or plumbing
  • Nuisance trees you would like cleared
  • Diseased trees that are unlikely to recover
  • Hazard trees at risk to your vehicles, pool, playground, fence, etc
  • To make space for desired new construction

What follows Tree removal?

We chip the limbs and trunk of the tree onsite. Larger trunks are hauled offsite. If a tree has been removed from your yard, and in a place where you regularly mow, we strongly recommend stump grinding. The advantage of stump grinding is that the area can be restored to lawn and not obstruct maintenance or be an eyesore in any way.

Stump grinding utilizes a specialized piece of equipment that is capable of grinding the remaining wood in the stump a few inches below grade. Afterwards, the area can be restored with topsoil and grass seed. You’ll never know a tree was there.

Note, we offer stump grinding services only for customers for whom we’ve provided tree removal services.


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Pricing for Tree Removal starts at $1,200 and is subject to the scope of work and site conditions.

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