frequently asked questions

How much does tree removal cost?

Every tree is different and are evaluated on multiple factors. The factors we consider include size and location, equipment access, potential hazards located nearby, if the tree is alive or dead, and if the limbs are in a precarious position. During the onsite consultation we will look at these variables to develop a competitive quote. Typically, our tree removal projects start at $1,200.


What is process for taking a tree?

We climb the tree and cut out manageable sections starting from it from the top. We utilize rigging to carefully lower pieces and limbs to prevent damage to part of the property.


What happens to the tree and limbs?

We chip limbs and smaller trunks onsite. Larger trunks that cannot be chipped are hauled offsite. After chipping is complete, we rake and blow the yard to restore it to its original condition.


Can I keep the wood chips?

Yes, you may keep the chips or wood for your use.


What do you do with wood chips and logs?

Typically we take them to a debris yard, or County Services. They use the mulch and sell it to paper mills or to be used as fuel.  Everything we take away is recycled.


How long before we can do service?

Usually within two weeks, although occasionally it may take a little longer depending on the busyness of the season. Because we provide emergency storm service, we are occasionally out of town for a week offering storm support.


Do you have a crane?

We do have access to a crane if need be. It may be advantageous to utilize a crane if is a tree is in a very precarious position.


How do I know if my tree is dead or dying?

The most common signs are not having leaves at the right time, peeling bark, limbs dropping, dark spots on the trunk of the tree, hollow spots on the trunk or base of the tree. If there’s an excessive amount of moss around the base of the tree it may be a sign of death.


Can a tree be saved?

Yes, if we catch it in time, there’s potential to save it. But sometimes the tree is too far gone to save if disease and or pests have infested the tree.


Is a pine bark beetle killing my tree? 

It’s possible, pine beetles can kill pine trees in 2-3 weeks. They are attracted to dead and dying trees and bore into the bark of pine trees, reproduce, and consume the wood of the tree. They are devastating to trees in Georgia and in most cases a tree infested with pine bark beetle should be removed to prevent spread to other trees.


Are carpenter ants killing my tree?

Carpenter ants tend to be attracted to dead or dying trees. They excavate wood to create galleries where they nest. Presence of carpenter ants can indicate that a tree is in decline.

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