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Whether you need a wooded lot cleared for new home construction, renovation, yard expansion, or commercial work, we can help. It is important to choose the am experienced, dedicated tree service company to handle larger jobs like these to ensure the work is completed with the proper techniques and on schedule.  We have the equipment and skills to get the job done safely and efficiently so you can get your project done on time. 

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When clearing wooded land, there are very important measures to take to ensure the project goes smoothly and safely. Here are some of the considerations we factor in when beginning a tree clearing project.

Preserving Desirable Trees. If there are trees you want to keep standing within or on the border of a cleared lot, these trees need to be identified. Trees growing inside a wooded lot enjoy the benefit of wind and erosion protection from adjacent trees, and therefore don’t have the root strength of isolated trees.  Once the lot is cleared, these trees are susceptible to tree fall if their root systems are not sufficiently evaluated and protected during the tree clearing process. We can help you which trees are good candidates to be preserved and which should be removed.

Construction Damage. Root damage by equipment is one of the biggest threats to trees. Often the impacts of construction damage does not appear until several years later, such as leaf die-back and trunk wounds and suffocation from over impacted soils. Not every tree can be saved, and we can help advise one hat trees should come down to complete a construction project as safely as possible. We can help protect desirable trees from trunk, limb, and root damage with demarcation to ensure the tree is not injured by equipment.

Utility and Water Issues. While aerial power lines and utility lines are easy to spot, the underground utilities are not. Damage to these utilities is dangerous, expensive and time consuming. We coordinate with the local authorities to ensure that local utilities are properly identified and marked to ensure they are not damaged in the tree clearing process.

Clearly Defined Lot Lines. It is essential that all disturbance and tree clearing only occur within the defined limits of the lot. Clearing trees, felling a tree, or damaging a structure on an adjacent property is a huge problem. You can trust us to make sure we know the exact trees to be cleared and where the property line exists.

Tree Clearing Permits. Certain types of larger-scale tree clearing projects call for permits through the County or City. We will make sure you have obtained the proper permits before beginning your tree clearing project so we are all operating with the legal requirements of the project.

Our experience in lot and land clearing uniquely qualifies us to provide you with extraordinary service to ensure your project is completed with efficiency, safety and professionalism.


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