our process

Our specific process provides clarity and Steady communication

1. Contact Us

Kindly explain to us the tree services you’d like to have completed. We may ask you a few questions about the details of the project. Then, we schedule an onsite consult to review these trees in your yard.

2. Onsite consult

We meet with you to understand the tree work you’d like to have done and the end goals. We evaluate and inspect the trees on your property with you. We will point out anything of concern and explain the benefits of addressing specific issues. We go over what the tree work process will look like in the field and flag trees identified for work.

3. send quote

We will provide a quote for your authorization, confirm you received it, and answer any questions or concerns you have. Following approval, we’ll place you on the schedule for work.  

4. confirm scheduling

Typically, we can complete most tree work projects within two weeks. However, during busy seasons it can take a little longer. Weather conditions can impact our schedule and we are required to stay flexible to unforeseen conditions. Because of that, we call several days prior to the work date to confirm the exact date(s) we will complete the work.

5. Arrival Notification

The day of the work, we will notify you of the estimated arrival time and reminder you to move cars, yard items and bring pets in. Once we arrive on site, we will prepare the yard for work to be done.

6. Tree work Performed

Protective measures, such as plywood, will be placed in the yard to prevent impact and rutting in your yard.  If the homeowner is home, will walk the entire site with you to confirm scope of work before work begins. Once work is complete, we will clean up the site and restore the yard to the original condition with rakes and blowers.

7. Final Walkthrough & Billing

After clean-up, we will walk through one more time with customer to make sure you’re completely happy with everything and that it was done to your specifications. If so, we accept full payment via check, cash, debit card, credit card, Zelle, or Venmo.

request a consultation with our tree expert

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